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First Beats

In the summer of 2013, we were running a barbecue stall at a rock'n'roll event in the Finnish countryside. The most popular product turned out to be our self-made chili sauce we'd named Witchdoctor. Customers said it was the best sauce they'd ever tasted and assumed it was an imported product. When they learned it was our own creation, they wanted to buy it by the jar. Since then, we've been developing our products on the basis of top quality ingredients, taste and customer feedback.

What do we do?

Witchdoctor chili sauces are Finnish products made with the best ingredients and no artificial additives. We work hard to hone our recipes to achieve the perfect balance and harmony of flavors. The gentle tingle of chili perfects the masterpiece. The sweetness comes from whole cane sugar, fresh fruit and berries.

We prefer organic and additive free ingredients. A pinch of rose salt and a bit of herbs and apple cider vinegar finalize the premium taste of the sauces, which suit a variety palates and foods. Our main inspiration comes from Mexico and the southern states of the United States, but all products feature a distinct touch of our own imagination. Since Witchdoctor is a cosmopolite, we are constantly seeking inspiration from flavors from around the world. A Witchdoctor sauce makes a great dip or seasoning, and it adds a nice twist to grilled meat and vegetables, hamburgers, marinades, sandwiches, snacks, fresh cheese and mayonnaise mix-ins.

The products are designed by a master chef, who uses his creativity, passion for food and long experience in the kitchens of top restaurants to devise our recipes. The sauces are created with a joy of life and relaxed attitude, with great music playing in the background.

Our retailers are quality conscious small or medium sized grocery stores and restaurants that specialize in organic food, local food, superfoods and spiced sauces.
We are looking for more retailers and developing packages that are convenient for restaurants and meat stores.


We salt the products with rose salt and sweeten them with specialty sugars, such as whole cane sugar. For sourness, we use apple cider vinegar.

You can store unopened products at room temperature. Once you´ve opened them, store them in the fridge.

At the moment, the selection includes four Witchdoctor sauces. We are currently working on a few novelty products.


Medium hot, fruity chili sauce for indulgence, barbecue and seasoning.

Simmered overnight, the appley Dark Roast is the perfect companion to meat, fish and vegetables. The gently hot sauce brings to mind the Deep South. Five varieties of chili peppers, apples, organic raisins, organic goji berries, whole cane sugar, tomatoes, herbs, cinnamon and apple cider vinegar.


Mexicon-type, chocolate-flavored medium hot chili sauce for indulgence, barbeque and seasoning. Equally tasty with roasted vegetables, mutton and vanilla ice cream.

The slowly simmered, creamy, chocolatey chili sauce includes four varieties of chili peppers, organic Inca berry (Physalis peruviana), organic raisins, almonds, pumpkin seeds, whole cane sugar, tomatoes and herbs.


Hawaiian-type, hot and fruity chili sauce for indulgence, barbeque and seasoning. Enjoyable with seafood, chicken and vegetables.

The fresh yellow color comes from mangos, pears and vegetables. The tangy but pleasant taste of habanero pepper kicks in in the aftertaste. Coconut and coconut sugar, star anise, cinnamon and hibiscus flower.

BEER´n´CHILI BBQ Marinade by Rekolan Panimo and Witchdoctor

Small and local brewery and Witchdoctor collaboration. With every kind of meat. For the grilling or spicing casseroles. 24 different chilies, raisins, red onions, brown sugar and dark beer.


We are currently developing cost-effective Witchdoctor packages for restaurant kitchens and meat and fish retailers. A 5 kg (11 lb) can is suitable for busy barbeque restaurants and big enough to spice up at least 200 hamburgers.

Dear Chef - Get in touch with us and take part in our product development!


Witchdoctor is a cosmopolite. That´s why we´d like to see him tickling the taste buds around the world. We'd be happy to give you further information: 

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